Attic is an incidental space under the sloping roof. It is not an additional storey.

An attic space  should satisfy the following conditions*:

(a) The floor to roof height of the attic space must not exceed 5m at any point, including proposals with staggered springing lines (The springing line is where the sloping roof meets the vertical wall);

(b) The floor of the attic shall be level with the springing line, and at least one side of the sloping roof must rest on the springing line. As we have already allowed opening on one side of the attic, only small openings in the form of dormer windows can be allowed on the side of the sloping roof resting on the springing line (see Figure 4b); and

(c) The maximum allowable pitch of the main roof shall be 45 degrees. This means that all roof features, with the exception of dormer windows and the 1.0m high parapet wall or railings, must be kept within the 45 degrees attic roof pitch.


*These attic controls will not be applicable to landed housing under the Envelope Control guidelines.

 (Information extracted from Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA))