How does Design & Build benefits Owners?

1. Increased Time Savings

By overlapping design and construction timelines, a Design|Build firm can provide shorter building periods. Our account executives will be able to liaise effectively with our design and construction teams at the same time to reduce dead time within the project. A traditional approach requires the design team to finish their design plans before a construction team can be found to commence work on the plans. That’s why our approach can save up to 30.0% of the time required to finish a building.

As can be seen from the tables above, the Design|Build approach allows for an overlapping of the initial client meeting stages, as well as the design and approval stages. It also saves the time required for putting the project up for tender, as required by the Traditional Approach. This leads to an earlier start for the construction team and translates into significant time savings.

2. Increased Cost Savings
Cost savings actually begin with the shorter timespan of the project. This leads to a reduction in holding and opportunity costs. Also, with the design and construction team working in tandem closely, clients can be assured that there will be no irresponsible designing or slip-shod building that leads to needless revisions. Our buildings are done once and done right, saving you the cost and anguish of redoing a project.

Clients also save from the professional fees involved. A professionally run Design|Build firm will charge lower consultancy fees as compared to the grand total accumulated from paying different design, consultancy and construction firms involved in the traditional approach.

3. Better Accountability & Minimal Hassle
The Single Point of Responsibility is the defining feature of a Design|Build approach. What this means for clients is that they no longer have to seek responsible contractors, designers & builders and ensure the right message gets passed on along the pipeline. By simply liaising with a single account executive from our firm, clients are able to rest assured that their project will be finished just the way it was intended.

Designs will not be irresponsibly proposed with no care for construction or functionality. Neither will construction works be devoid of aesthetic value or the vision of its conceptualizers. And the best part, if any of these does happen, you know who to blame straight away. After all, who else is there?
At a Design|Build firm, we believe in a single point of responsibility. That means the right message gets passed on from start to finish. That means we don’t push the blame when something goes wrong. That means minimal hassle and better accountability to you.

4. Possibility of Property Development
Property development remains a seemingly exclusive privilege to firms such as SG Global or City Developments. This is because the traditional approach seems so convoluted that most small land owners are daunted to do so before trying. With the Design|Build approach, home owners can look to redevelop their own properties with minimal hassle and risk.

This is made possible by the single point of responsibility that Design|Build firms espouse, and it allows for better accountability, increased cost savings, increased time savings and minimal hassle. The dream of being your own small time developer is made a lot more realistic through D|B.