Selecting a Good Builder


Finding the right builder can be difficult for home owners who do not have referrals from anyone. However, we have a few tips on how to find and select a good builder.

1. Positive Review from Past Home Owner.

Firstly, reviews of the builder’s previous clients can be one of the way to gauge the builder’s credibility as previous home owners have already experience working with the builder.

2. Good Track Record

Finding a builder with a good track record and experience in handling similar projects with a good on-time completion record would be ideal as they are more familiar with the scale of the project. If the builder has a mixture of large and small scale projects, they may not prioritise your redevelopment project.

3. Sound Financial Standing

Cash flow is important for the builder’s survivability as most of the contractors/builders go bankrupt due to cash flow problems. Thus, we would recommend you to find builder with sizeable establishment with strong cash flow as they are less likely to default on projects.

4. Reasonable Pricing

Beware of those builders who have quoted you below market rate, though the reasons for the low quotation may vary. We would recommend that the quotation should have a variation of about 5%-10% of the market rate.