Types of Redevelopments

Addition and Alteration

A&A works involve minor works to an existing landed house as follow to certain factors:

  • Addition of Gross Floor Area does not exceed 50% of the existing approved gross floor area of the existing landed dwelling house.
  • Less than 50% of the existing external walls of the existing buildings are to be removed and / or replaced with new walls (excluding replacement of doors and windows).
  • Structural changes to existing floor area such as replacing or constructing new columns/beams and reconstructing existing floor slabs which are not more than 50% of the existing.
  • Changes/replacement of entire roof, regardless of increase in height as long as it does not involve an additional storey.
  • Addition of an attic provided the increase in GFA complies with criterion (1).
  • Works that do not result in a change to the landed dwelling housing form (e.g. from semi-detached dwelling houses to detached dwelling houses, linked houses to detached dwelling houses).


Definition of replacing a substantial part of the house by construction.

  • Proposed increase in the Gross Floor Area (GFA) of the property exceeds 50% of the approved GFA (e.g. by adding a second storey to a single storey house).
  • External building walls to be removed and replaced with new walls exceed 50% of the approved external walls.
  • Columns/beams/floor slabs to be removed and replaced exceed 50% of the approved columns/beams/floor slabs.



New Erection/Re-build

-New Erection/Re-build refers to where a building is demolished and a new one erected, The Gross Floor Area can be increase as long as it is comply with Prevailing Development Control Parameters.

(Information extracted from Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA))