Usage of Carporch Roof

With effect from 17 Nov 2014

  1. Car porches in landed houses can be located within the front building setback area as single storey, unenclosed structures that will not add excessive building bulk to the streetscape. Their primary purpose is to provide shelter for residents’ vehicles. However, existing guidelines only allow the roofs of these car porches to be accessible for maintenance purposes.
  1. To provide home owners the opportunity to enjoy more outdoor space and provide greenery, URA has revised our guidelines for car porch roofs in landed houses. Home owners will now be able to use their car porch roofs as outdoor balconies or gardens. This is in line with the objectives of the LUSH 2.0 Programme to encourage more greenery in our urban environment.
  1. The car porch roof is to remain as an open-to-sky and unenclosed area, with no significant increase to the building bulk. Minor works as listed in Appendix 1 are allowed. For semi-detached and terrace houses, where one side of the car porch is abutting the neighbour’s boundary, a 1.8m high light-weight screen wall shall be built to provide the neighbour with some privacy unless the adjoining neighbour agrees to do without the screen wall.
  1. The guidelines will take immediate effect from 17 Nov 2014 and will apply to all existing as well as new landed housing developments. The minor works on the car porch roofs will be exempted from the need to submit to URA for planning permission, as long as they are carried out in accordance with the guidelines in Appendix 1.
  1. Before using or carrying out works on existing car porch roofs, home owners should seek advice from a professional structural engineer or registered architect on whether these roofs are designed to bear additional loads from human access and the additional works. Approval from BCA may be required for the proposed works. For good neighbourliness, we encourage home owners to seek their immediate neighbour’s views on the need for a screen wall between adjoining car porch roofs before proceeding with works.


Allowable Structures


Parapet Wall

A 1m high (max) parapet wall is allowed around the perimeter of the carporch roof to serve as a safety barrier.

The materials for the parapet wall shall allow for visual porosity and facilitate the visual externalization of the greenery on the car porch roof. Examples of acceptable materials include tempered glass parapet wall and metal railings.

Canopy over Door and Window Openings

A 1m wide canopy, cantilevered from the building wall, is allowed to provide weather protection over the openings fronting the car porch roof.


Planters are encouraged for the provision of greenery on car porch roofs.

Screen Wall

In a semi-detached or corner terrace house where one side of the car porch roof is abutting the boundary of an adjoining house, or in an intermediate terrace house where both sides of the car porch roof are abutting the boundaries of adjoining houses, a 1.8m high (max) lightweight screen wall is to be erected between the adjoining car porches unless the owners of the adjoining house(s) have agreed to do without the screen wall(s) along the common boundaries.

The 1.8m high (max) screen wall shall be lightweight in form and shall not be a sloid blank wall. Some examples of allowable screen wall designs include slanted vertical panels and angled louvres.


(Information extracted from Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA))