Access Point Control

All vehicular access for new landed housing developments, especially terrace and semi-detached houses, should be paired-up, where possible i.e. two access points located side-by-side with each other. This is to secure a sufficiently wide strip of land (at least 6m) between 2 pairs of access points to facilitate roadside planting and provide some space for kerbside parking within landed housing estate. The 6m length is the current minimum requirement of NParks to enable small trees to be planted along these estate roads.

However, for new landed housing plot with plot width of more than 10m, its access point need not be paired up with the adjacent unit provided it can provide the full continuous 6m planting verge within the plot width of the site.



For existing landed housing developments, the existing access arrangement can remain. However, for accesses that are already in a paired arrangement today, it should not be separated in future.

(Information extracted from Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA))