Household Shelter

(Information extracted from Building & Construction Authority (BCA) & Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) )


The Household Shelter (HS) in a dwelling unit is typically the store cum pantry with its walls, floor and ceiling strengthened with increased thickness. The walls are set back by specified distances from the building exterior and the entrance to the HS is installed with an SCDF-approved light protective steel door. The HS gives protection to the shelterees against weapon effects such as blast and fragments during an emergency.


Are HS/SS required to be provided in A & A works to existing residential houses/buildings?

HS/SS are not required to be provided in existing houses/buildings undergoing addition and alteration (A&A) works.

Are HS/SS required to be provided in reconstruction projects?

HS/SS have to be provided for reconstruction projects that involve construction of new building or house in place of existing building or house which has been demolished or would be demolished.

For proposals with reconstruction of existing building, Qualified Person (QP) is to seek consultation with SCDF and obtain a written confirmation where provision of HS/SS is not required. This written confirmation shall be obtained before submitting plans to BCA for approval.

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