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Whether you are developing your properties for personal, investment or commercial purposes, we understand how complicated and challenging the whole building and construction process can be. Our team are here to take the pressure off you, helping you make clear and concise decisions from start to finish. Ultimately, to be ‘cost effective’ is our main goal and we will utilise our expertise to make that happen for you.


Lorong 4, Realty Park, Ms. Olivia

TRACE had come up with a very innovative idea to rebuild the old
terrace on a minimum budget of $400k.”

We have always wanted to upgrade to a landed property from our existing condominium. Our children are also growing up, so more space and rooms were required to accommodate their needs. At the time when we bought 19, Realty Park, we have not sold the existing condominium unit, putting us on a tight budget to rebuild our terrace house.

TRACE had come up with a very innovative idea to rebuild the old terrace on a minimum budget of $400k. We finally got a brand new 3-Storey Intermediate Terrace house from a rundown 2 storey home. It is amazing that this was done without even demolishing the existing 2 storey structure. We are extremely satisfied with the new house now that, after spending another $70K on top of the construction cost for the interior works, our home is as good as a developer’s show flat.

Lorong Bandang, Mr. Goh

My original terrace house was bought in the 90s and the condition of the home was deteriorating. The interior was very gloomy and not well ventilated.

TRACE helped me rebuild my entire home with a remarkably well controlled budget of less than a million dollars. Now my new home is as big as a small bungalow with a built up area of more than 5000 sqft. I have a higher ceiling for my living/dining hall with an impressive feature wall and a glass door elevator to bring me all the way to my 4th level roof garden. All my bedrooms are ensuite with a walk-in wardrobes and modern bathroom appliances. My master bedroom is very spacious and comes with a huge balcony. The home that TRACE built for me is worth well beyond the monies spent. Choosing them was definitely the wisest decision I could have made.

Norma Terrace, Mr. Quek

TRACE was able to build a new home for my family. They helped us explore several options in the beginning to best fit our needs. One of the main concerns was to brighten up the house due to my inter-terrace house having limited natural light. TRACE creatively tackled this problem by designing a slot between the neighboring wall to bring in light and break the inter-terrace look. Even with our specific requirements and a fixed budget,

TRACE built us an efficient yet modern looking building that stands out in our neighborhood.

Namly Ave, Mr. Charles

My investment to the new house was mostly spent on buying the property itself and left with a marginal amount to consider building a new house well below $1mil. Thanks to TRACE and their strategic approach, I was able to rebuild a new home over the existing 2 storey Semi-D. Their creative and efficient design gave me a spacious living area and dry kitchen great for entertaining guests, 2 en-suite rooms and a huge master bedroom with overlooking study loft. Even with the challenge as a A&A to maintain the cost, we not only achieved all the spacious rooms but also a totally new modern look.

Berwick Drive, Mr. Benson

Before purchasing the land at Berwick Drive, I have consulted TRACE regarding the redevelopment potential as I intended to build a pair of semi-detached house on the piece of land for investment purposes. Initially, I am not sure if this idea is realistic but with TRACE’s help, we managed to build a pair of semi-detached house and both houses were sold after completion due to the well-crafted design by TRACE.

Andrew Avenue, Mr. Bruce

As Andrew Avenue is my first landed property investment, I do not have enough experience on how to maximise my land area and I am glad that Trace has been a great help in making good redevelopment decisions and providing advice.

Leith Road (2), Property Investor

With a budget less than 1 million and TRACE’s knowledge in this industry, I am able to spilt and transform a garden space of a corner terrace into a modern semi-detached bungalow. TRACE has managed not only to maximize my buildable area, they have also came up with an excellent classic modern design for my house. It was almost a decade after my redevelopment with TRACE and I feel that my house façade was one of the better ones in our area. On top of that, the appreciation of my land has been increasing ever since and thus, working with TRACE is no doubt one of the better decisions I have made as a home owner.

 I would definitely recommend TRACE if my friends are looking for builders for their landed properties for personal and investment purposes.

Eng Kong Place, Ms. Lisa

I am quite pleased with the speed and quality of the whole construction process and most importantly, the contract sum they quoted me during the design stage was close to what I have paid at the end of the construction phase.

My house at Eng Kong Place was in a dilapidated condition and I decided to find TRACE to redevelop my house. After a few meetings with them, they came up with their design proposals as well as their quotation. I was amazed by their work efficiency and decided to go for reconstruction as advised by them based on my budget. I am quite pleased with the speed and quality of the whole construction process and most importantly, the contract sum they quoted me during the design stage was close to what I have paid at the end of the construction phase. My house looks completely new and it was featured in Square Room Magazine.

Windsor Park Road, Mr. Yu Ming

TRACE did an excellent job for my property at Windsor Park Road. They have not only met my requirement of having a large pool, they also create a “semi- open” space at the first level-overlooking the swimming pool. I am very pleased with their design and quality of work.

Novena Terrace, Mr. Kelvin

I was introduced to Trace’s design and build services through an old colleague of my wife. We were able to transform our old terrace house into a brightly lit modern enclave with the help and service expertise rendered by Trace. The conventional image of dark and poorly ventilated inter-terrace is a thing of the past. Trace’s work achieved the best value for money.

I would not hesitate to recommend Trace to any of my friends who wish to build their own dream house.

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