Leith Road (2)

Land Area
2,630 sqft


Building Type
Semi-Detached House

Development Type
New Erection of a Semi-Detached House

With a budget less than 1 million and TRACE’s knowledge in this industry, I am able to spilt and transform a garden space of a corner terrace into a modern semi-detached bungalow. TRACE has managed not only to maximize my buildable area, they have also came up with an excellent classic modern design for my house. It was almost a decade after my redevelopment with TRACE and I feel that my house façade was one of the better ones in our area. On top of that, the appreciation of my land has been increasing ever since and thus, working with TRACE is no doubt one of the better decisions I have made as a home owner. I would definitely recommend TRACE if my friends are looking for builders for their landed properties for personal and investment purposes.

Floor Plan