Lorong 4 Realty Park


Land Area
1,900 sqft


Building Type
Intermediate Terrace House

Development Type
Reconstruction of a 2-Storey Intermediate Terrace House to a 3-Storey Intermediate Terrace House

We have always wanted to upgrade to a landed property from our existing condominium. Our children are also growing up, so more space and rooms were required to accommodate their needs. At the time when we bought 19, Realty Park, we have not sold the existing condominium unit, putting us on a tight budget to rebuild our terrace house.

TRACE had come up with a very innovative idea to rebuild the old terrace on a minimum budget of $400k. We finally got a brand new 3-Storey Intermediate Terrace house from a rundown 2 storey home. It is amazing that this was done without even demolishing the existing 2 storey structure. We are extremely satisfied with the new house now that, after spending another $70K on top of the construction cost for the interior works, our home is as good as a developer’s show flat.

Floor Plan