Lorong Bandang

Mr Goh

Land Area
1,660 sqft


Building Type
Intermediate Terrace House

Development Type
New Erection of a 3-Storey Intermediate Terrace with an Attic

My original terrace house was bought in the 90s and the condition of the home was deteriorating. The interior was very gloomy and not well ventilated. TRACE helped me to rebuild the entire home with a remarkably well controlled budget of less than a million dollars. Now my new home is as big as a small bungalow with a built up area of more than 5000 sqft. I have a higher ceiling for my living/dining hall with an impressive feature wall and a glass door elevator to bring me all the way to my 4th level roof garden. All my bedrooms are ensuite with a walk-in wardrobes and modern bathroom appliances. My master bedroom is very spacious and comes with a huge balcony. The home that TRACE built for me is worth well beyond the monies spent. It is definatly the wisest decision I have made in my life.

Floor Plan