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Bukit Timah, 2022

This Bukit Timah GCB project offered us an opportunity to transform a Balinese-themed house into a Minimalist Tropical aesthetic. The brief was to modernize the facade while creating meaningful living spaces, all while minimizing the carbon footprint for this rebuild. We opted for an intensive A&A effort for this project, making use of the houses structures and pitched roofs while uplifting its facade with timber and fair-faced concrete elements


Bukit Timah
Bukit Timah, 2022

A Good-Class Bungalow is defined by two distinct areas: one designated for living and the other for entertainment. The living quarter includes a well equipped gym and a luxurious spa room with sauna facilities. The living room seamlessly connects to an outdoor dining space, overlooking its indoor waterfall and green feature wall. An extensive saltwater pool area sits in the middle of the property between both areas. The entertainment quarter boasts an immersive theatre system as well as a dining bar area for social gatherings

Sennett Avenue
Sennett Avenue, 2021

Designed as a multi-generational home, this 11,071 sqft home embraces a modern take on art deco

Yuk Tong Avenue
Yuk Tong Avenue, 2021

Bauhaus inspired design that juxtaposes solid forms against glass for openness and privacy

West Coast Lane
West Coast Lane, 2016

Open architecture terrace with a double volume carporch and seamless boundaries between spaces

Berwick Drive
Berwick Drive, 2014

Pair of semi-detached houses developed with minimalistic architecture influences

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