Featured Projects

Sennett Avenue, 2021

Sennett Avenue gave us a meaningful architecture challenge. The brief was to capitalize on the unique terrain of a corner plot, while designing for a home to house multiple generations. Our design pursues a modern take on art deco for a distinct, 11,071 sqft landmark


Sennett Avenue
Sennett Avenue, 2021

Designed as a multi-generational home, this 11,071 sqft home embraces a modern take on art deco

Yuk Tong Avenue
Yuk Tong Avenue, 2021

Bauhaus inspired design that juxtaposes solid forms against glass for openness and privacy

Berwick Drive
Berwick Drive, 2014

Pair of semi-detached houses developed with minimalistic architecture influences

West Coast Lane
West Coast Lane, 2016

Open architecture terrace with a double volume carporch and seamless boundaries between spaces

Lucky View
Lucky View, 2017

Modern contemporary home that emphasizes its articulated forms for private roof terraces

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